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Schneider Electric

Surge Arrester

Main characteristics

Imax: 40KA
Un: 600V DC and 1000V DC
3 terminals: L+, L-, PE
How does a Photovoltaic System work?

On the roof, solar panels transform sunlight into DC current.
An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) converts this DC energy into AC 230V/50Hz.
It can be either totally used for domestic equipment, partially used and the rest sold to the Utility, or totally sold.
Preventing this costly installation from damages due to lightning is strongly recommended.

The product range:

  • SPD
    16434 PRD40r 600DC – residential market
    16436 PRD40r 1000DC – photovoltaic power plants
  • Cartridges (from the SPD AC offer)
    16683 withdrawable cartridge C 40-340 for PRD40r 600DC
    16690 withdrawable cartridge C Neutral for PRD40r 600DC
    16692 withdrawable cartridge C 40-460 for PRD40r 1000DC
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