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Features and Benefits

  • Three contactor ratings for the USA market:
    - K06 rated for 3 HP motors at 480 Vac or 600 Vac.
    - K09 rated for 5 HP motors at 480 Vac or 600 Vac.
    - K12 rated for 7.5 HP motors at 480 Vac or 10 HP at 600 Vac.
  • IP20 finger-safe terminals with both North American and International terminal markings
  • Mountable on 35mm DIN rail or panel mount with screws
  • Available in 3-pole contactor versions with built-in auxiliary contact for holding circuit or 4-pole contactor versions
  • Current rating from 6-12A
  • Easily-installed accessories.
    - 2-pole or 4-pole instantaneous auxiliary contact blocks with screw clamp, slip-on, or spring terminals
    - Transient voltage surge suppressors
    - Electronic 1 to 30 second on-delay timers
  • Four wiring methods to reduce installation time:
    - Captive screw terminals for use with either Phillips or slotted head screwdrivers
    - Slip-on terminals for quick installation of single 1/4" or double 1/8" tabs
    - Terminal pins for soldering the contactor directly to a printed circuit board
    - Spring terminals for extreme-vibration applications
  • Control circuit flexibility
    All versions of the K-line mini-contactors are available with an AC, DC, or low-consumption DC operating coil. The low-consumption DC coil operating device can be energized by a low level DC signal from a computer or PLC and includes built-in transient suppression.
  • Bimetallic overload relays
    The K-line Class 10 bimetallic overload relays are ambient-compensated and include single-phase sensitivity for phase unbalance and phase loss protection. Standard features include isolated N.C. trip contact and N.O. alarm contact, manual or automatic reset function, tamper resistant window for full load current settings, and Test trip button. Five pins connect to the contactor load side terminals — three for the power circuit and two for the control circuit — which eliminate customer wiring for the 3-wire control holding circuit.

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